另外日前小恩也和Mark Wright,Cam Gigandet等人出席了【Burlesque.舞孃俱樂部】的首映會。

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最後補上小恩在Koko Pop演唱<Gatta Be Somebody/對的人>的Live畫面 、超經典自彈自唱<Obsession/意亂情迷>、2010年10月於Miss World現場演唱<No Promises/堅固柔情>、2010/11/8「Lorraine Kelly」電視訪談以及聖誕祝福留言!!!!




百聽不厭的<No Promises>這樣唱也很好聽!

  Hey guys!

 It's been a while since my last blog. So much has happened since coming back to the world of pop. My X Factor performance, road shows, TV shows, radio tours and already it's close to Christmas! I'm having an amazing time and I’m loving seeing all my fans again.

 On Christmas day I'm going to help my mum cook a nice Christmas lunch, try to catch up with some of my mates and have a kick about, and go to as many Christmas parties as possible! This Christmas for me includes family fun and alcohol -  LOTS of it.

 2011 is going to be exciting. So much to do!

 Merry Christmas everyone,

                                                                                                                                                                                                              See you soon, Shayne x


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